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Platte Cutting


For the operation of laser cutting the company has two laser machines from Japanese manufacturer Yamazaki Mazak with 1250x2500 mm work envelope, full computer support. The first one was bought in 1997. and have capability of cutting black steel up to 10 mm thick, stainless steel up to 4 mm, aluminum up to 3 mm, and the second one (2,5 kW), bought in 2003. with capability of cutting black steel up to 20 mm, stainless steel up to 8 mm, aluminum up to 6 mm. This allows us many variations with in cutting because of large design options and reaching flawless precision (0.2mm), which was the foundation for a variety of housing adapted to the needs of modern electrical industry, as well as other services. Acquisition of these machines was the main precondition for the development of complex locksmith products and semi-finished products.


In addition to laser and plasma cutting, we also have hydraulic shears with capability of cutting black steel up to 8 mm and length up to 1200 mm and 6 mm up to 3100 mm in length, stainless steel 4 mm up to 3100 mm in length, aluminum 8 mm plate sheet up to 3100 mm in length.

Plasma sheet metal cutting is performed by a regular machine, strength 200A, with work envelope 3000x1500 mm, full computer support. It’s possible to cut black steel sheet up to 40 mm thick, but the accuracy of cutting is far more lower than the laser cutting. In addition to that, it’s used prior to machining of some parts and where good accuracy is not required.



In most cases, after cutting with laser the positions are processed by cold deformation (twist) on various segments of surfaces, using two machines for straight bending. One machine with hydraulic press force of 100 tons and a bending length of 3 m, and other with 50 t and 1.2m. Both machines are numerically manageable which ensures high accuracy bending. Capabilities of the machine depend solely on the combination of tools used (the matrix and stamp), and they are limited with maximum output.

Strojna Obrada


U dijelu strojne obrade društvo ima mogućnost tokarenja na nekoliko klasičnih i numeričkih tokarskih strojeva, glodanja, bušenja, ručne i strojne bravarije koje se uglavnom koriste prilikom izrade raznih strojnih dijelova, podsklopova i sklopova koji se potom ugrađuju na kućišta, ili kao samostalne pozicije isporučuju kupcima. Izuzev CNC-tokarilice, radi se isključivo o univerzalnoj opremi starijeg godišta i klasičnih tehnoloških mogćnosti za maloserijsku proizvodnju raznih pozicija kojom u potpunosti možemo zadovoljiti potrebe naših najvećih kupaca. Ako bi se poslovi proširili u većoj mjeri, tj. ukoliko bi se pojavile narudžbe velikih serija pozicija i složenijih geometrijskih oblika, tad bi stojnu obradu trebalo doopremiti manjim obradnim centrima te drugim strojevima s NC upravljanjem za operacije tokarenja, glodanja bušenja, brušenja, a što bi bilo diktirano proizvodom (da li će se izrađivati pozicije, podsklopovi ili sklopovi).



We offer services for welding Aluminum, stainless steel and black steel. We also have robotic welding apparatus which consist of welding source, robotic unit and robotic positioning system and its primary appliance is for MIG/MAG welding with maximum intensity of the span 400A. When the working part is placed on the positioner, it’s necessary to program optimal parameters altogether with position of working part inside positioning system in correlation with motion head it’s possible to get appropriate weld with appropriate position, contour, continuity, quality and appearance. Existent positioning system is anticipated for particular housing for our buyer, due to it’s not possible to use it for other products which imposes a need for upgrade new universal unit. Thereby, with that upgrade we would be able to offer welding all others parts in high quality and appearance.

Apparatus for MIG-MAG welding, four of them, serve for manual welding with maximum intensity of span span 230-400A. In this segment, due to complexity of tightness welding, it’s necessary to employ two more welders. REL apparatus for manual metal arc welding, with maximum intensity 375A, is used for reparation of oil rigging tools. Apparatus for point welding type EV is used for plate and wire products which demands electric resistance point welding, high quality and aesthetics.




Plastic coating process is performed on a circuit consisting of a chamber with dimensions 3x1x1.5 and furnace with dimensions 4x1.5 x1.8 m. It allows a quality protection of metal surfaces using electrostatic application of the polymer powder to a metal surface and its polymerization, wherein the dimensions of the pieces is limited with dimensions of the chamber. In this technological procedure, surface preparation is performed manual, that is extensively- by hand, because the company has so far not been able to financially bear the burden of purchasing circuit for preparation, though this investment has long been planned.


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